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Oil price – what is next?

oil price

The oil price slump created uncertainty in many emerging countries dependant on high oil prices to finance their projects and survive in this new competitive world. When considering the price of oil fluctuations, many dynamics come into play, the following

Decline in commodity prices

decline in commodity prices

A decade long of high commodity prices has ended, this article will discuss the reasons that caused the decline in commodity prices and the consequences of this decline.         The reason behind the decline in commodity prices: 1-

The Big Four Auditors and the consulting business

big four

For much of the 20th century the accounting industry was dominated by what was called the Big Eight accounting firms: Deloitte, Arthur Andersen, Coopers & Lybrand, Arthur Young & Co, Ernst & Whinney, Peat Marwick Mitchell, Haskins & Sells, Price Waterhouse and Touche Ross. Most of the alliances

China slowdown

china slowdown

While the world is focused on the Greek crisis, China is at the edge of a new financial crisis, Some economists think that we are experiencing china’s 1929, the year of the great depression in the United States. The Shanghai composite was

central banks interest rates analysis

Central bank interest rates

Retail banks are used by central banks to manipulate the money supply, as they are the first financial institutions to expose money to the economy. Central banks ensure that the money supply is controlled in an effective way by adjusting

The big four uk supermarkets losses

Big four uk supermarkets

The UK has one of the most competitive supermarket industry in the world, few years ago this market was structured on the basis of quality, price and store brand, waitrose being the top quality and targeted rich people, followed by Sainsbury’s, Tesco and

Factors affecting gold prices

factors affecting gold prices

The article will disscuss the factors affecting gold prices, this will allow the reader to gain a better understanding of the precious metal market. The first smelters of gold were the egyptians 3600 BC, The Mesopotamians used gold as a

Iranian deal with the six world powers

Iranian nuclear deal

This article will detail the Iranian deal, it provides the reader with a clear explanation of what the deal included. World leaders have long insisted on the bad intentions of the Iranian nuclear program, while Iran argued that its nuclear program is peaceful. Tahran pointed

Decline in oil prices


This article explains the factors causing the decline in oil prices. Crude oil is the most widely source of enrgy used for transportation, its price decreased from $125 in march 2014 to $57 in july 2015, one might ask what would

The first 3D printed car

3D printed car

Divergent, a San Francisco start-up challenged the conventional way of manufacturing automobiles by its new part 3D printed car called the blade, its core structural parts are 3D printed. Divergent argues that the cost would significantly drop, as the car is 90 percent